You are now entering Monomoy Standard Time. 



Living on a desert island, “island time” takes on a whole new meaning. You know how people have “Relax, you’re on Island Time” signs hanging on the walls in their vacation houses? Monomoy takes that concept to its logical conclusion, further amplifies it by a factor of isolation, and then subtracts electricity and running water to achieve Monomoy Standard Time.  Please adjust your clocks accordingly.

A day on Monomoy can seem to last for weeks, and night for only a minute (unless you’re conducting a dual until dawn predator control stint in the tern colony). With a five days on, two days off schedule, “weekends” are surprisingly stressful and sleepless because of everything that has to be done off-island: groceries, laundry, showers, family visits, doctor, bank, DMV, etc. If it requires electricity, signatures, or consumables, you’ve got 64 hours to make it happen, and then you’re back o the island, where you’re finally able to relax again. Despite the long day, the simplicity of life on Monomoy is its breathes the strength. Nothing needs to happen in a rush, because there’s only so much to do. We’re operating on the birds’ schedule, which admittedly may not be the same as our own but seems no more complicated.

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