Adventures on the Schuylkill

Oh. hello there!

Although it’s been a while since writing, by no means does that mean that it’s been a while since anything noteworthy has happened. Since rescuing a leatherback, I’ve gone back to waking up before dawn, obsessively peeking back over my shoulder, and looking at life through the lens of a rower on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River.

The transition hasn’t been as nearly as impossible as I’d thought. I had some apprehensions about moving from the farthest seaward point on the East Coast to a major city of more than a million and a half people, but Philadelphia is, incredibly, not as difficult as its reputation has made it out to be. Bike paths are plentiful, Fairmount Park is both verdant and expansive enough to forget you’re in a city, and the rowing community is close-knit and supportive. Since getting back in a boat, I’ve had some relative success during the fall race season- Head of the Charles, Schuylkill Navy Day Regatta, and Head of the Schuylkill- before beginning the transition to the winter training program.

Here are a few photos from Row2k’s excellent photo galleries– Erik Dresser is an absolutely talented photographer, and must take a few hundred thousand photos of rowing events each year. (Several hundred of which make it to become profile pictures, cover photos, and featured images on all kinds of rowing sites.)


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