Day 3: New York, or, I welcome our Benevolent Overlord Google

tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o1_1280Following a so-far wise decision to check out alternative routes that don’t require biking up every hill between me and my destination, I left Millerton, NY on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. It’s smooth, flat, and straight, and for the first time in days I was able to make progress roughly similar to what I had predicted before starting. It’s also great for pretending you’re a train, something you might not have done since you were about 7 but is a great exercise in imagination and worth doing when you’re on a long ride.tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o2_1280

tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o3_1280It was a beautiful gray morning, lots of leaves, just a few sprinkles of rain, and very comfortable biking weather. After reaching the southern end of the trail, I moved over to NY State Bike Trail 17, which was spookily and enthusiastically decorated- it IS that time of year you know. I actually did pass a place called “Spook Hill,” and was able to spend the next 4 minutes making ghost noises because you can do that when you’re alone and no one can hear you.

tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o4_1280By the time ghostly shenanigans had grown old, the rain had increased from “just a drizzle” to “bread-soakingly intense,” and I reached the Newburgh Beacon bridge across the Hudson. Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge authority, take note: YOU COULD DEFINITELY HAVE A BIKE LANE ON THE JAMESTOWN BRIDGE. Crossing the Hudson was not nearly as epic as I had hoped- no fanfares on the western shore- and once I had crossed I more or less retreated deep into the Rain Cave and went on autopilot for the rest of the ride.tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o5_1280

tumblr_nwykf8ykgn1uj13z1o6_1280The one thing I do remember after crossing the Hudson was passing Newburgh Free Academy at precisely the time everyone was trying to leave school. It was very busy- I was stuck in traffic for a while, and imagined what traffic looks like when all the cars are replaced with bicycles. If you have an idea, let me know- I’m imagining something like an anthill of bikes.

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