Renewable Ride: Recall

It’s been a little while since last year’s Renewable Ride, a 4,000 self supported bicycle trip I made from Providence, RI to Los Angeles, CA to raise money for and bring awareness to the need to develop effective renewable energy strategies going forwards.

Well, since it seems like a lot of what I was fighting for might be in some serious toruble in the next few months/years/decades, and since it’s about the one-year anniversary of the trip, I figured I would bring it back to the surface and repost the adventures, lessons, and challenges again, just like last time. Since I’m starting a few weeks after the one year anniversary of the trip, I’ll be posting a few extra posts each day until I’m up to schedule.

And so without further ado, here it is: The Renewable Ride, one year later.

Day 1

So far, so good. Made it about 85 miles; the goal was 100 but considering the later-than-average start time, I’m not disappointed. Some very beautiful scenery, as well as some very steep hills. The trailer is quite heavy- I might be making some donations to Goodwill before too long.


Beautiful first day of riding! Positives: beautiful, nothing broke, I didn’t get lost, found some new bike trails, and two people complimented my trailer! Negatives: Connecticut is full of short-n-steep hills. I only made 82 miles today, compared to the 100 I had hoped- a late start may have had something to do with it, and I hope tomorrow I can get going a bit earlier. Also, check out that intersection: apparently every direction is west from there? Maybe it’s the east pole or something like that.

And don’t forget- if you want to help out/maximize your entertainment by ensuring I actually make it to the west coast, visit for some crowdsourced funding fun!

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