Day 22: Kentucky, or, Kentucky with fewer mountains than before.

tumblr_nxxpqgUc3L1uj13z1o1_1280A frosty (beautiful) morning in Booneville today. Got going pretty smoothly, and after getting lost just once (Kentucky, at this stage of the game, has stopped taking care of their route markers and distinguishing landmarks) I was making pretty good progress until I stopped for lunch just after passing JCHS Road. I assume that’s an acronym, but… It doesn’t really roll off the tongue. After lunch, I found myself in Big Hill, Kentucky, luckily rolling down the 2-mile 6% grade into a blissfully flat landscape as far as I could see.

I’m not saying that the part of Kentucky I’m in now is absolutely, South Carolina Lowcountry flat- but compared to Appalachia, it is beautifully flat, the hills are smooth and rolling, and rarely do I need to gear waaaay down and crank my way up switchbacks anymore. I’m back in farm country, a huge relief, and was able to make a pretty easy 89 miles in less than 8 hours- definitely the fastest average speed of the last week. I ought to make Bardstown by early tomorrow afternoon. The forecast calls for thunderstorms Wednesday… Maybe I’ll get lucky. With the new terrain, I don’t feel the need for a rest day just yet, but if I need to take a day off, it would be good to have it land on a place where I can refuel, make bike repairs, and of course, check out a distillery.

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