Day 23: Kentucky

After a cozy camp out last night, I stayed in a little later than usual today to wait for rain showers to pass before heading on towards Bardstown- a mere 60 miles away.

Along the way, I passed a vaguely sinister plant of some sort (far, far to the north of me), was warned of the hazards posed by horse and buggy, and perhaps more tangibly, actually visited the Abraham Lincoln Homestead and Golf Course. (Yes, it is actually billed as a combination historical monument and golf course.) It was very closed, not very informative, and I got a flat tire while there, so unless you’re a very avid Abe Lincoln fan or really want to golf the same course as the Lincoln family did in times of old, I recommend skipping the whole attraction.

Although the rains held off, the sun never actually made its way through the clouds today, resulting in some fascinating opalescent sky effects that had a shimmering property besides the normal “gray” of distant rainclouds.

As I mentioned, the ride into Bardstown was pretty short, so I arrived with plenty of daylight left. Checking in at the post office, I found out that general delivery mail does actually work- there are few things like getting a letter to cheer you up.

tumblr_nxzjdfNaWy1uj13z1o6_1280In addition, I found that most of the trees around here still have leaves on them- it’s like they don’t even know we’re in the middle of November! Warm weather bodes well for the next few weeks- as long as I can avoid the rain, camping should be easier and quicker, and I’ll be able to get more miles in as well.

Well, except for tomorrow. The forecast doesn’t look great, so I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors- museums? Walmart superstore? We’ll find out soon- I want to replenish some supplies (rear tire is starting to look a little thin, plus yesterday’s flat meant I had to use my last spare tube) and write off some letters and postcards as well. Then, it’s off into the flattening West!

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