Day 24: Kentucky

Gray day this morning, quickly becoming a gray and rainy day.

I wish that rain didn’t mean no riding- but trying to stay on the road while cars blast by and spray me doesn’t seem like a good way to stay safe. While the rain is on, anyways, there’s no sense in setting out- everything gets soaked and no one wins.

I found Arabian Nights in the WalMart bargain books aisle- it doesn’t seem to be a hot seller in this part of America- so I got to settle down and wait on the weather with 700 pages of classic literature. (As an aside, WalMart has all these ridiculous drivable trucks and cars for kids. For God’s sake, get your kid a bike instead. It’s cheaper and faster and more dangerous and everything you could want in a toy.)

By 4:00, the weather and radar had both cleared up, leaving a little time for riding into presumably improving conditions. Trying to take advantage of what time there was left (and also to deal with the feelings of restlessness that come with sitting in WalMart for over 6 hours), I set off. The weather held, and I even saw the faint glimmer of a sunset, as well as some incredibly purple skies and distant hills, before the rain settled in again. Bummer. I stopped in a barn for a moment to check directions, where I learned that although I was on the right road, I’d probably get shot if I tried doing that again. Slightly Ill at ease, I continued onwards to find a good camping site, hopefully safe from bullets, stray or otherwise, that might be headed in my direction.tumblr_ny2ed6L5581uj13z1o7_1280.jpg

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