Day 25: Kentucky, or, 💯‼️

Fantastic day! After threatening it for nearly a month, I finally got a whole century done- fine weather, flat land, and a need to atone for a day spent inside a WalMart all helped make it possible.


tumblr_ny80ovVdEE1uj13z1o1_1280Despite the excellent outcome, the day certainly had its ups and downs. It started out weird- on the banks of a river engorged by the recent rains, I had dreams (nightmares?) of the river sweeping me away as I slept. Although I was a considerably safe distance from any erosion, I think that being able to hear the bank wearing away may have prompted these particular dreams.


The day could really only improve from there- just waking up to find myself not being swept to sea was an improvement on its own. Post-rains, the weather was fine and warm (at times I felt like I was inside a computer desktop image), and I was able to get underway before 8 without needing to bundle up too much. I stopped for lunch, where I met s very kind cyclist (truck driver as well, but primarily cyclist) who’ll be riding the Trans-Canada Highway next summer. We got to talk about biking logistics, the best bike paths in Canada (alongside the canals!), and even rowing- he was very familiar with the rowing scene in Welland, Ontario. I also met an Amish guy who, and I must quote this exactly, said to me: “I would be remiss if I did not ask you if you would like to smoke some home-grown, Wisconsin marijuana with me.” I don’t smoke (and I suspect that Kentucky has a capital punishment for weed, if trespassing is liable to end in death) so I said no thank you, but I’ll always remember that as one of the most exciting lunch breaks of my life.


The remainder of the day was smooth rolling- a bit windy at times, but not bad. I thought about rowing a lot during those miles, and almost before I knew it, the sun was setting beautifully, the lights were on, and I was fast approaching 100 miles. After making a last turn into Kentucky Highway 1738 (which is a number I hear has some relevance for “today’s youth”), I rolled down a hill and finished the first century of the journey- a great way to end a great day.


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