Actionable Item, 4 June 2020

On March 13th, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in an unannounced police raid targeted towards an unassociated person not residing at that location.

For a woman who died in a drug warrant related raid, it seems that Ms. Taylor did not have the criminal background to justify the police officers’ actions. A certified EMT working at two hospitals in the Louisville area, it woudl be unfair for me to comment on her personally. Her family and friends, however, paint her as the best kind of person, replete with descriptors like compassionate, focused, and aspirational.

How does this get to you? You can start by signing a petition found at, and even better, call in to Louisville Metro Council to voice your concerns about the Louisville Metro Police Department’s excessive use of force in this (and other) situations – not to mention the apparent absence of address verification.

I can’t stress this enough – calling is very, very simple. If you’re reading from a smartphone, just follow the link and you’ll be connected by phone, where you can speak directly to councilmembers or leave a message.



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