Actionable Item, 17June

Call on CofC President Hsu and Board to Support Repeal of the Heritage Act.

A specific one, to be sure, but for College of Charleston folks, not a meaningless one.

Charleston is a place that hangs on to its history. While there is much to learn from that history, there’s also no reason to commemorate it by celebrating the city (and state’s) questionably-intentioned past. In a state where the confederate battle flag was removed from the state house just four years ago, it’s clear that there is a lot of learning to do.

Adding the College of Charleston’s support to repealing the state Heritage Act, which called for a display of the confederate battle flag at the state house and other locations, lends significant weight to the idea that the time for commemorating the Confederate States of America’s symbol of “American history, heritage, and honor” has passed.

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