College of Charleston Class of 2015, Marine Biology

Ever since watching Cousteau’s Ocean Odyssey, the Kratt Brothers, Nature and National Geographic specials on coral reef fishes and sharks, and wading for hours in the tide pools, I’ve pursued every avaialable opportunity to become a marine biologist. Throughout my undergraduate experience at the College of Charleston, I was fortunate enough to work with the South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources and the College’s biology and geology/environmental geosciences departments to conduct research and present findings on reef fishes and habitat in the South Atlantic bight, pharmaceutical toxicology and its effects on larval amphibians, and the bathymetry of regions of the continental shelf off the South Carolina coast. In the summer of 2016, I worked  for the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Coastal Waterbird Program, monitoring nesting migratory birds on Monomoy Island.  These experiences have been instrumental in my other work as an activist and educator, inspiring others to feel the same excitement and hope I do for wildlife, wild places, and the future of our planet.