Day 25: Kentucky, or, 💯‼️

Fantastic day! After threatening it for nearly a month, I finally got a whole century done- fine weather, flat land, and a need to atone for a day spent inside a WalMart all helped make it possible.   Despite the excellent outcome, the day certainly had its ups and downs. It started out weird- on…

Day 24: Kentucky

Gray day this morning, quickly becoming a gray and rainy day. I wish that rain didn’t mean no riding- but trying to stay on the road while cars blast by and spray me doesn’t seem like a good way to stay safe. While the rain is on, anyways, there’s no sense in setting out- everything…

Day 23: Kentucky

After a cozy camp out last night, I stayed in a little later than usual today to wait for rain showers to pass before heading on towards Bardstown- a mere 60 miles away.

Day 21: Kentucky Canines and Caverns

Maybe because yesterday was Sunday, maybe because people like to stay inside here, or maybe because mountain spirits regularly transform people into dogs here- I’ve seen more dogs than humans for most of the last two days.

Divide and Conquer

  The scarfed pieces, fully cured and ready to be cleaned, is turned into our full length keel plank and then milled to its final thickness before being sent over to Jake for marking and shaping. We’ve now got five people working on four separate projects for the Corinthian; although there’s less opportunity to double…