Last Night on Monomoy

Without warning, it’s suddenly our last night on Monomoy. Tomorrow, we break down the cook tent, pack up the guest tents, and start the move out. Continue reading “Last Night on Monomoy”

Pokémon Go!

Sorry, folks, but this post doesn’t have much to do with Monomoy. It has a lot more to do with current events, flashbacks to my third grade self, and readjusting to life in a place where the people outnumber the birds.

It’s about 10:30 at night on a Thursday, and from the Chatham Light parking lot, we can see about a dozen floating lights wandering around the foggy beach down below. Continue reading “Pokémon Go!”

Reflections on the Island

Today’s post comes from a letter I’m writing to a friend. 

That’s all for tonight, just a few thoughts at large about having spent the last 2 months on the island. Let me know what you think about the post format- it’s nicer to write on paper. 

Camp Life

I love the colony.

I know that if you read my last post, you might think that I don’t care for, dislike, or even hate the colony. It’s noisy, sandy, inconvenient, and smells bad. It’s kind of like a city, and it’s the contrast with the peace and solitude of the rest of the island that makes it great.

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You are now entering Monomoy Standard Time. 



Living on a desert island, “island time” takes on a whole new meaning. You know how people have “Relax, you’re on Island Time” signs hanging on the walls in their vacation houses? Monomoy takes that concept to its logical conclusion, further amplifies it by a factor of isolation, and then subtracts electricity and running water to achieve Monomoy Standard Time.  Please adjust your clocks accordingly.

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