Actionable Item, 4 June 2020

On March 13th, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in an unannounced police raid targeted towards an unassociated person not residing at that location. For a woman who died in a drug warrant related raid, it seems that Ms. Taylor did not have the criminal background to justify the police officers’ actions. A certified EMTContinue reading “Actionable Item, 4 June 2020”

Actionable Item, 3 June 2020

Hello all, Keep it short and simple with a good thing you can do every day. Did you know that the City of Philadelphia is intending to cut over $45 million from city budgets for social services, public defenders, arts and culture, libraries, and parks and recreation? AND that they’re funneling over $14 million toContinue reading “Actionable Item, 3 June 2020”

Day 26: Kentucky & Illinois

Another sunny morning, the second in a row, but this one vastly more frosty than the previous. The biggest problem with frost is that all that water stays stuck to things- and then melts- so it’s difficult to dry things off, even if you whack as much ice off them as possible. If you haveContinue reading “Day 26: Kentucky & Illinois”

Day 25: Kentucky, or, 💯‼️

Fantastic day! After threatening it for nearly a month, I finally got a whole century done- fine weather, flat land, and a need to atone for a day spent inside a WalMart all helped make it possible.   Despite the excellent outcome, the day certainly had its ups and downs. It started out weird- onContinue reading “Day 25: Kentucky, or, 💯‼️”

Day 24: Kentucky

Gray day this morning, quickly becoming a gray and rainy day. I wish that rain didn’t mean no riding- but trying to stay on the road while cars blast by and spray me doesn’t seem like a good way to stay safe. While the rain is on, anyways, there’s no sense in setting out- everythingContinue reading “Day 24: Kentucky”