Day 25: Kentucky, or, 💯‼️

Fantastic day! After threatening it for nearly a month, I finally got a whole century done- fine weather, flat land, and a need to atone for a day spent inside a WalMart all helped make it possible.   Despite the excellent outcome, the day certainly had its ups and downs. It started out weird- on…

Day 23: Kentucky

After a cozy camp out last night, I stayed in a little later than usual today to wait for rain showers to pass before heading on towards Bardstown- a mere 60 miles away.

Day 21: Kentucky Canines and Caverns

Maybe because yesterday was Sunday, maybe because people like to stay inside here, or maybe because mountain spirits regularly transform people into dogs here- I’ve seen more dogs than humans for most of the last two days.

Day 20: Virginia & Kentucky

Starting today about 30 miles south of the Virginia/Kentucky border, I was alarmed- nay, surprised- to find frost on many cloth surfaces this morning.

Day 19: Virginia.

Appalachia is hard to write about. It is both very beautiful and very saddening, and I don’t entirely understand it.