R.I.P. Head Racing, 2017-2017

Come and gone already has the 2017 head racing season, a blip of a head racing season that lasts a mere 15 days from the start of the first singles race on Navy Day until the last 500 meters of the quad at Head of the Schuylkill.

Day 12: Virginia, or, Surely, It is a Sign!

I am very, VERY, relieved to say that one of my greatest fears about this trip, getting hopelessly lost on country back roads, appears to have been nullified, at least in part, at least in Virginia.

Adventures on the Schuylkill

Oh. hello there! Although it’s been a while since writing, by no means does that mean that it’s been a while since anything noteworthy has happened. Since rescuing a leatherback, I’ve gone back to waking up before dawn, obsessively peeking back over my shoulder, and looking at life through the lens of a rower on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River.