Reinberger Nut Butter

Reinberger Nut Butter is America’s leading all-natural nut butter company. It’s simple – simple recipes, simple ingredients, simply the best. Starting out in a friend’s house in Boston the night before a race, to slowly developing our recipes in our kitchen in Philadelphia, now proudly available by web order across the East Coast, and soon to be available across the country through our partnership with Loop, I’ve spent the last three years not only expanding the company’s production and distribution capabilities, but also developing it’s visual style and branding language. Here’s a look at the evolution.

Starting From Scratch

Initial efforts to develop a Reinberger brand identity focused on the obvious Germanic associations of the name and alpine peak, playing with a ridiculously gothic font and arched crest style. The inclusion of the mountain, a symbol still present in the brand’s current visual identity, signifies a connection with the outdoors and a passion for high achievement.

Steps Forward

The first major revision yielded a more unified color structure across the labels to help identify the brand, larger and more legible text that better embodied the design philosophies of the Staatliches Bauhaus, and switched from a two-labels per jar scheme to one large label that nearly circumscribed the jar. These labels were used on both the 16 and 8 ounce jars, hence there is no size listed on the label.

Continued Growth

With a new, further simplified primary logo and the need for additional product information on the labels, the third iteration of Reinberger’s visual identity maintains the brand association developed by the strong cyan blocks, but hearkens back to the original multicolor design through the use of bold and bright colors to identify the individual varieties. The addition of nutritional information and UPCs reflects the brand’s growth at this time, and the removal of the Facebook and Instagram profile information reflects the increased ease with which customers can locate the brand online. The 8-ounce jar has been dropped from the lineup, allowing us to focus on more effectively designing labeling for the 16-ounce jars.

The Loop Scoop

Small design variations indicate big changes; The addition of the Loop logo signifies Reinberger Nut Butter’s partnership with TerraCycle‘s Loop venture, launched in New York City in May 2019. Providing consumers with a quality good in a durable, fully reusable package, working with Loop enables us to reach out to millions of customers who otherwise would be unavailable. The benefits aren’t one way – Reinberger products make up three of Loop’s top-selling items, demonstrating that consumers love both the simple joys of Reinberger and the ecologically sound promise of Loop‘s distribution model.

You can also see Reinberger’s introduction of three new single-ingredient nut butters – Absolutely Almonds, Completely Cashews, and Purely Peanuts – which take the company tenets of simplicity and authenticity and apply them to some more traditional offerings.

Speaking Out Today

Reinberger’s current product lineup remains with the same seven nut butters, but now includes the addition of 4-ounce jars in addition to the traditional 16-ounce offerings. Challenged by much smaller printable areas and the limitations of the printing process, adding information to the jar lid is an obvious solution. Both cases preserve the focus on the brand’s commitment to quality and nutrition, highlighting their use of mixed nuts and seeds and avoidance of any additional ingredients that could dilute or contaminate their product. Additionally, the standardized nutritional information reflects the brand’s growth to further horizons.

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